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Supercharge Your Sales with Some AI-telligence

Think your sales team is smart? Strap in and prepare to turbocharge their smarts with our Artemist AI, or go full genius mode with the Artemist AI + package. The AI keeps you digitally savvy, but AI + is like having a sales veteran in your pocket. Ready to watch your sales soar? Buckle up, it’s going to be a thrilling ride!

Our Two AI Performance Packs For Sales Teams


Artemist AI

Best For: Businesses focusing on digital interactions that require robust online communication tools without the need for integrated telephony services. This is best fit for small sales teams.


Key Features:

  • Website AI Sales Chatbot: Engages visitors with dynamic, real-time interactions directly on your website.

  • AI Appointment Setter: Automates the scheduling of appointments via social media and Google My Business.

  • Google Business Chat: Allows direct communication with clients through Google’s integrated chat service.

  • Unified Messaging Dashboard: Consolidates all digital communications into a single, easy-to-manage platform.

  • Unified Booking Calendar: Ensures all appointments are managed without overlaps or conflicts.

  • Contact Management (CRM): Keeps track of all customer interactions and data, enhancing relationship management.

  • Custom Branding: Tailors Artemist AI’s responses and interactions to align seamlessly with your brand’s messaging and details.

  • Access to Mobile App: Unified messaging all from the palm of your hands. Get real time data, see conversations, and reply directly from a mobile app for lighting fast interactions.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Access detailed reports to refine strategies and improve sales outcomes.


Artemist AI +

Best For: Businesses that require a comprehensive communication solution, combining digital and telephonic interactions for complete coverage and superior customer service. This is the best fit for medium to large sales teams.


Key Features:

  • Includes All Features of Artemist AI

  • Dedicated Phone Line: A company-specific phone number ensures seamless communication continuity.

  • AI Call & Text Capabilities: Enables direct calling and automated text replies for appointment setting or general FAQs.

  • Missed Call Text-Back: Automatically responds to missed calls to capture every lead opportunity.

  • Integrated Voice System: Incoming voice announcement so sales reps know its an AI generated lead, providing a professional touch.

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